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Work & Vision

With an interest in people and exploring new places Simon draws upon decades of his photographic knowledge from both behind the camera and the post production suite.
The images he creates can often be summed up as tranquil, uncluttered, beautiful moments, you could say it’s his idyllic vision of the world and the people that appear within it.

The skills & knowledge he brings to a shoot not only ensure the visual integrity of the job from start to finish but also provides “thinking on your feet” solutions for when potential problems arise and the clock is ticking.

Working nationally & internationally for a range of clients he is happy shooting to tightly controlled briefs and pushing above and beyond what’s requested on time and within budget.
Together with help from his producer a full production can be handled providing a convenient turn key solution when requested.


Riding and customising Vespa & Lambretta scooters in the mid 1980’s thats how in a weird set of events i became obsessed with and decided upon photography as a career some 28 years ago. Over the years i think it’s fair to say I’ve photographed most things from celebs to door knockers.

My big break though came shooting mens lifestyle images with Clarks Shoes followed by several years capturing cars and other projects and campaigns. Constantly keeping up with new imaging technologies and pushing new techniques of my own, i found myself to be one of the very first photographers shooting HDR imaging for the CGI rendering of automotives in the U.K

I’m told on very good authority (well the wife) that I’ll talk to anyone but I’m just interested in people, well either that or  just nosey! Simple fact is i feel comfortable chatting and photographing anyone from the 6’2 model, the CEO of Shell in his London HQ or the rustic looking fella stripping willow bark in the back waters of the Somerset countryside they all intrigue me.

So it’s no surprise really that today i have come full circle back to capturing people and places. The only change is I now capture motion as well as stills from the air too …yes I’m still trying to keep up with the ever changing technology.

I’m also back riding my 47 year old Lambretta pretending I’m 17 again when time allows of course.